Size Options

The Kangaroo Jumper comes with a range of options, so we can tailor your jumper exactly to your needs.

First choose the size of the jumper you want.

Measure the area you have to install a Kangaroo Jumper. Remember to allow space around the outside for people to watch everyone on the jumper having fun (as a guide allow a minimum 3m clear perimeter). You may also want to fence the perimeter or install a rain/shade cover at a later time, so allow for these also.

Don’t underestimate the popularity of the cushion. “Build it and they will come” could not be closer to the truth. The Kangaroo Jumper is a magnet for kids so be sure to select one big enough for your future client patronage.

We offer the Kangaroo Jumper in 6 sizes, from the size 3 (3 colour panels) to the 7 panel jumbo. For more info on sizes and prices, click here

Indoor option

Indoor Jumping fun

The Kangaroo Jumper also has an indoor option. The Indoor Kangaroo Jumper has already proven to be as popular as its outdoor counterpart, with owners of Family Entertainment Centres quick to point out that the Kangaroo Jumper is by far the most popular item of all. The Kangaroo Jumper is a magnet for kids and parents love the safety aspects. Our existing clients tell us that their Kangaroo Jumper distinguishes their business against their competitors and is a great profit generator.

Colour Options

Of course you can choose your own colour combination. Colour options are red, yellow, blue, orange and green in any combination. Keep in mind that darker colours get hotter in summer making jumping less enjoyable. We can help you choose the best colours for your situation.

Choose your colours to match your theme or surrounds. You can also get your business logo printed on the jumper.

The Kangaroo Jumper comes with standard safety signage printed on the jumper as well as one fence sign.

For an additional fee you may include additional signage either printed on the cushion or as external aluminium signs.

Other optional extras include:

  • Additional aluminium signage for rules and conditions of use = € 50.00 per sign
  • Your company or business logo printed on your Kangaroo Jumper = POA

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