Quality Material

Our Kangaroo Jumpers use the only material in the world specifically designed for inflatable trampolines. This material is exclusive to The Kangaroo Jumper. The secret is the amount of UV stabilizer impregnated into our ULTIMATE material. When you buy a jumper or air trampoline, the most important question you should ask is ‘How long will your product last?’ . This relates directly to your return on the investment. The answer to this question is dependent on two main factors – UV resistance and abrasion.

We manufacture the Kangaroo Jumper using our exclusive ULTIMATE material which is the best jumper material available anywhere in the world, it is designed for the purpose of jumping attractions and will consequently last significantly longer (check our warranty). We are very proud to be bringing this superior product to Europe.

We do NOT apply sprays or coatings to our jumper in an attempt to achieve limited UV resistance. An effective UV inhibitor is built into the ULTIMATE material and will not wear away.

The Kangaroo Jumper is lead, latex and allergy free.

The Kangaroo Jumper is tailor-made to your business and to your specific conditions. Our ULTIMATE material with the best warranty in the market will always be provided for all outdoor applications

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