Installation Options

With flexible DIY, Assisted, Full Installation options and even Indoor installation, our Kangaroo Jumpers can be installed anywhere, yes anywhere. With minimal disruption to your business we can have your clients jumping for joy within a few days.

Our standard jumper just needs relatively flat level ground. A slight grade is OK (300mm fall over 10m length in either direction) and if the ground is not smooth, it can be suitably prepared at installation.

If you have been unable to install a jumping cushion in the past due to high water table or rocky ground, give us a call. We have a trenchless option which can be installed anywhere, we even have an indoor option which can be located in your barn, games room or camp kitchen and is made to order.

Our experienced installers have the backing of 100′s of installations in the US and numerous installations in Australia. We have been working in the civil construction industry for over 20 years and understand that every installation has its own unique qualities and requirements.

Installation Options

1) DIY Install;

We are the only company in the industry to provide, recommend and fully support DIY installation with the backing of the insurance industry. Unlike our competitors, we encourage you to consider installing your own Kangaroo Jumper. The installation is not difficult so if you’re a bit handy and want to save yourself some expense we will provide free phone and Skype support to you during your own DIY installation.

We will provide you with a full installation guide with step by step instructions and heaps of photos to assist you through the relatively easy, (but exacting) process of installing your own Kangaroo Jumper or replacing your worn out Jumping Pillow.

You will need to buy some standard items from your local builder’s yard or DIY store such as PVC pipe, timber etc. We will give you a full list of what is needed. You will also need to arrange an excavator and a bobcat along with some sand.

2) Assisted Installation

Assisted install is where you engage your local earth works contractor, and we turn up to install your new Kangaroo Jumper with their assistance. We will provide all the hardware items and site labour required and all you need to do is arrange a mini excavator, bobcat and driver along with some sand.

3) Full Installation

If you just want your new Kangaroo Jumper to turn up on your door step and magically rise from the ground – no problem. Our install team can arrange everything for you. All you need to do is point to where you want your Kangaroo Jumper installed and we do the rest.

Other similar product installers on the market leave some of the responsibility and cost of the install to you so you never know the full cost. We understand that you need to know the fixed price before you go ahead and that’s why we offer – full installation

4) Replacement Canvas

When your old canvas eventually expires give us a call. Our Kangaroo Jumpers are designed and manufactured to replace any previous installation. We can install the new canvas for you or guide you through the DIY process.

We are the only company to provide full support and insurance industry backing to the DIY process. You get what you pay for in the replacement canvas market.

5) Indoor Installations

Because indoor space is usually limited, each indoor jumper will be made to your exact size requirements and quoted accordingly (subject to certain limitations).

Because our indoor Kangaroo Jumper is not subject to the punishing effects of UV light, its life expectancy is 10 + years (we have not had one wear out yet).

The Indoor Kangaroo Jumper has already proven to be as popular as its outdoor counterpart, with owners of Family Entertainment Centres quick to point out that Kangaroo Jumper is by far their most popular item of all.

The Kangaroo Jumper is a magnet for kids and parents love its safety aspects. Our clients tell us that their Kangaroo Jumper distinguishes their business from their competitors and is a great draw card for their patrons.

The Indoor Kangaroo Jumper is far superior to the normal range of inflatable products usually found in Family Entertainment Businesses. Our product is a longlife installation and even after many years of use it will look like brand new.

The indoor Kangaroo Jumper WILL be the focal point of your whole business and it will set you apart from your competition. Kids always choose the Kangaroo Jumper first and you cannot argue with that.

All installations are done by trained technicians taking and take between 1 & 2 days for a full install. Our motor and blower unit which is supplied with all jumpers is NOT made in China. It is virtually silent and will last as long as the Jumper.

3) Sand-less Surround

With our unique sand-less carpet foam surround option, we are eliminating the need to constantly top up your sand soft fall surround as well as providing a solution to abrasion of the jumper canvas. Sand carried onto the surface by patrons feet causes abrasion to the canvas surface therefore reducing the life of the canvas. Our carpeted foam surround eliminates the need to top up sand levels and keeps the jumper looking clean and lasting longer. It’s a win, win and it’s very exciting for our industry.

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